Dear New York, Hygge

Dear New York,

I’m not going to lie, your subject this week of Hygge was one of the more difficult photos I have had to take. If you had waited a couple of weeks for Marcelina to be in London, this would have been very easy, as she is pretty much the definition of hygge for me. Any shot of her cozied up on the sofa with a gin and tonic, or eating breakfast on the balcony watching the world go by, would both be an excellent photo and meet all the criteria of the topic.

Unfortunately, she is currently not in London, so I firstly had to think of something else that for me encompasses cosines and simple pleasures, as well as being something I can get a photograph of. It is a bit early in the year for pubs to light their fires, and there is no mulled wine kicking about yet either, so I thought I would try and get a “cosy” photo of another two of my favourite pleasures - reading and photography. I tried to add a bit of warmth into the photo too, and keep it simple. Unfortunately, the composition was a little rushed, and taken in quite dim light, so it isn’t as good quality as it should be, but then again it wouldn’t be hygge if I was stressing too much about the shot.

For my other pictures this week, I left my house with absolutely zero plan, and was hoping for inspiration to strike as I was walking around London. The weather was pretty terrible for this aimless photography, with rain coming down in a light but steady drizzle (which is not great for my camera either) and i had to keep changing the settings on my camera as darker clouds kept rolling on in.

I was actually about to give up when I walked past a wedding shoot in Green Park. Not one to miss the opportunity of having a couple of well dressed (and oblivious) subjects, I snapped their photo:

Then, whilst I was walking out of the park past Buckingham Palace, a troop of mounted Guardsmen rode past. Again, completely unexpected, and allowing me to get another unplanned and quite lucky photo:

This week, therefore, the subject is Serendipity.

Good luck (you will literally need it for this one)!