Dear London - The Roots ruined my plans

Whoops, super sorry this is late! I love to do these adventures on a Saturday when Ed is off work, so we can scope out the city together and then Sunday always seems like such a quick turn around. Despite the husband’s frustration when I stop mid wander for a pic, this photography malarky is beginning to utterly absorb me. When I'm not off on an adventure, I'm ogling other people’s websites, seeking out new tips and tricks, and bugging Ed to be a subject (to no avail as of yet…). One of the things I'm beginning to see more and more is that the really awesome photographers, the ones that make me stare at their site for hours on end, have really developed their editing style. Having recently acquired Pixelmator, I've been exposed to a much more sophisticated editing software than I've been working with up until now, so I thought it was about time I attempted to edit with a little more intention.

Patterns you say? I had an idea in mind for this one which included venturing to midtown and setting up shot in Bryant Park. However, The Roots (the super awesome band in their own right, and in-house band for The Tonight Show), had completely taken over my shoot location for the whole of Saturday and Sunday for a concert. How rude. However, I had snapped a couple of pictures on the way down to midtown that I thought 'might do'.

Now, I know this is NOT the right attitude to have when it comes to producing art but I was pretty annoyed at myself for having left it to the last minute, so I was in a 'that might do' state of mind. Having said that, I really love the image I came out with. I need to remember that when I stop to take a picture it's because I see potential, so there may be something special with a little editing. It's also perfectly timed with the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashanah... so much so, that I could have tried to convince you that it was all planned this way!

I was feeling pretty crappy that my idea hadn't gone to plan, the light was fading, and I was super "hangry". Ed, being used to this dilemma by now, was doing excellent damage control and used OpenTable to book us a spot at The Tangled Vine (cheap food, very not cheap wine), and opted for a relaxing walk back up the Upper West Side, where inspiration struck at Lincoln Center Plaza. 

We had a prime spot by the fountain so I turned my back on the rest of Manhattan, crossed my legs and let the roar of the water wash over me. Everything but a lone violinist was drowned out by the fountain and I felt content. My camera came out for a few quick shots and I was an utterly changed person. That simple moment where Ed and I sat and absorbed the peace and beauty was perfect and brought me out of my toddler-esque grump. 

Which is why your theme for this week is Hygge (apparently pronounced HUE-gah). This is a Danish word that doesn't directly translate to English, but perfectly sums up moments of simple pleasure that we may take for granted, moments of enjoyment with our loved ones. This picture reminds me perfectly of that moment. For me, this is Hygge.

Happy snapping

New York x