Dear London - Serendipity you say?

Serendipity - 'the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way' - I would say that it's fairly serendipitous that you chose this theme for the week that you and the wonderful Marcelina touch down in New York, considering I've been seeking out models for months. What better than to take some candid snaps on your first autumn in New York walk.

As you know, I was having problems with my camera on the day and I was only able to store 20 pictures at  a time (I hadn't been deleting the images in the trash folder on the SD card on my computer... who knew?) so I had to be really selective about the shots I took. I didn't have the luxury of snapping hundreds of pictures at a time and it felt like I was somewhere in limbo land between analogue and digital. This meant that I didn't have a large selection like I would usually have from each moment but, that being said, I'm pretty happy with the three moments I managed to capture (even if Marcelina caught me in the first).

Subtlety was not my forte on this shoot. It is very difficult to go out walking with friends and snap the intimate moments, not least because of the intrusion... but as you see, I got over that and managed to catch a sneaky kiss. My favourite picture of you two from our wonderful New York stroll embodied what I want from a candid shot; you genuinely had no idea that I was there and I managed to capture a beautiful silhouette as you looked out over Central Park.

I really hope that my blatant intrusion throughout our casual Sunday walk through Manhattan has at least generated some pictures that will, in years to come, help you to remember your first Sunday stroll spent with us one autumn in New York. (Cue the music.)

Your theme for this week is New York, let's see what you see in our city!

Happy snapping!

New York x