My Top Christmas Movies

There is nothing I like more after a day of frantic Christmas shopping or frolicking in the cold (we’ve actually had snow twice now), than settling down to watch a Christmas film with a cup of chai tea.

I'm guessing by now that you are all fully into the swing of festive viewing, but just in case you’ve forgotten any of my favorites, I thought I’d throw them out there (and make a handy “to watch” list for me too). This was going to be a Top 10, but when it came down to it there were way too many that were all on par with one another and I didn’t have any magical, festive memories attached to them, so instead it’s at 7 (kind of 8). In no particular order: 

Christmas Decorations

Serendipity: Most of my favs are attached to childhood memories but Serendipity is attached to when I first met Ted. We first started dating in December so everything was very magical with all the lights and the warm and Christmas fuzzies, and Serendipity was one of the first films we watched together. Not only that, but it’s based in New York, and we watched it for years and years joking that one day we’d be there for Christmas… One day is here!

The Holiday: Whenever I’m at home in the festive season I always watch this with my Mum as nobody else seems to care about it as much as us. I get that it’s not a work of art and it’s pretty diluted on the Christmas magic, however, I’m a massive fan of “Mr. Napkin Head”.

It’s A Wonderful Life: This is the film that my Dad and I watch. It is such a classic and no matter how many times I’ve seen it I will always sob like a baby. Its timeless messages of community, love and family are right at the heart of my holiday spirit and it never fails to get me in the festive mood. 

Prancer: Oh, the 80s style is in full swing in Prancer. I have such fond memories of watching this with my brother and sister. Our house was always full of animals so it is no surprise that one of the family favorites is about the injured reindeer, Prancer.

One Magic Christmas: Although it’s another on the Chave family list, I hadn’t watched this for years. It popped into my head last year, however, and Ted and I managed to track it down on either Netflix or Amazon. Another gem from the 80s (much to Ed’s disdain), One Magic Christmas, follows a family at a super hard time, but their guardian angel Gideon helps them to remember the important things.

Home Alone 1&2: This is a staple in so many homes, and although I loved it when I was growing up, it has only made it into my top 7 and a half list because it’s one of Ed’s favorites - nowadays specifically the second one, set in New York. Lumping them together may be a bit of a cheat BUT it’s my list and I feel like the franchise earns the right for a cheat!

Elf: To be perfectly honest with you, I haven’t always loved Elf. I had seen Will Ferrell in a previous film and hated his character… therefore, with my fantastic teenage reasoning, I hated him and any film he was in. Ed was baffled by this and made me watch it, winning me over to the childish charm of Buddy’s ability to see the wonder in the everyday things we take to be mundane. Although he brings out the worst in most people at the beginning of the film, by the end he wins them over, as he did with me. And considering the band She & Him featured in my top Christmas song spot yesterday, apparently Zooey Deschanel is an integral part of my Christmas this year. Odd.

Obviously I’m not saying that there aren’t many other very convincing choices for this list, but these are my personal favorites (though I’m sure I’m drawing a blank on some that I’ll kick myself for forgetting, shortly). I’m always on the lookout for a new holiday movie to adore so if I’ve missed out your favorite, let me know, and I’ll add it to my “to watch” list… maybe I’ll be able to turn this into a Top Ten eventually!