Dear New York - Portraits

Dear New York,

Christmas is indeed here, and things are getting busy! Fighting against the crowds on Oxford Street to do some shopping (not an environment particularly conducive to  either photography OR actual shopping!) and making sure everything at work is squared away and ship shape before my nice long break. I will actually be out of London for over 2 weeks over Christmas - going from my parents house in Bath, to spend the New Year in Poland, up in the Tatras Mountains. I will be very disappointed if I don’t get some stunning landscape shots during that time - but just to warn you - they will have nothing to do with London!

This week your theme for me was “Near and Far”. I had a concept in mind as soon as I saw this theme, and wanted to use some props. My first idea was to get my old Polaroid camera out, and take some snaps of some of the landmarks of London - then somehow incorporate them into a landscape photo. Unfortunately, my Polaroid photos came out VERY badly. I think the film I was using was old, and there were some problems with the chemicals, so they were unusable in the end.

I did finally come up with the below - which both mixed my idea of props along with the theme. It is also Christmassy, which helps at this time of year.

For my choice of theme this week I was inspired by a couple of things- firstly was all the beautiful pictures of the guests you have been interviewing since you moved to New York. Secondly, Marcelina was visiting me this last week, and as I think you have also discovered, she is a beautiful joy to take pictures of. So on Saturday we went out into London for a walk along Southbank, then to take in some culture (an exhibition about artist portraits at the Queen’s Gallery) and to do some of the aforementioned Christmas shopping.

During our walk I took the below shots (which I am very happy with!). So this week my theme for you is Portraits.

Have fun!