Dear New York - Natural Frames of London

Dear New York,

Autumn (of Fall for you!) is definitely here, and with a vengeance. The temperature has also dropped very quickly, and the days are certainly much shorter than they were. I find myself regularly leaving work after dark (not because I work particularly late, but because sunset is now so early!) and we are in the quiet space when it is dark outside, but the Christmas lights have not been turned on throughout the city. Once they have, there will no doubt be a very Christmassy themed photo coming up, but for now I am going to have to content myself with only going out only at the weekends, and taking some quite gloomy midweek shots!

So this week I have put up 4 photos, mainly because I am only about 50% happy with each of them, and only 2 didn’t seem like enough.

So for your theme, I went on a (very cold and quite damp) walk towards the Thames (which seems to be my preferred stomping ground for photography recently).

Where you had used the whole bridge to frame your photo, mine both used only elements of the bridges to frame mine. The first I took from the arch underneath Westminster bridge, using the exit of the tunnel to frame the houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

The second, I took on Southwark Bridge (climbing a bit as the porthole was quite high up) to snap a shot of the shard framed by the circular brickwork from the parapet.

Taking inspiration from your theme, Natural Frames, my theme for you this week encompasses another photography technique - Leading Lines.

For my pictures, I took an emergency shot of St Paul’s (always a winner, I think, and somewhere I seem to re-visit quite a lot).

The second image is one I have wanted to take for a while and finally got out to take it, however the combination of the fast fading light, the freezing cold and the increasingly heavy rain (that adds a lovely reflection in the shot) meant I didn't want to keep my camera out for longer than absolutely necessary - the shot therefore is slightly rushed. I would have loved to spend a while longer at the same spot looking for the perfect moment - possibly some silhouettes of people with umbrellas - but the cyclist will have to do. I think I will definitely revisit that location in the future anyway, as it was a very pretty spot just to walk down!

Happy snapping!