October's Little Letters

A lot of blogs do a monthly round up, but I haven't quite found the format I like. Naomi from Love Taza used to do a lovely post called Little Letters and I really enjoyed reading through each of the moments. So here are my little letters for October.

Sunday, October 1st - Dear Fall, I am so, so happy to see the first signs of you, hurry up and start shedding your leaves please!

Thursday, October 6th - Dear October, why do I get a cold as soon as Fall makes an appearance?

Saturday October 8th - Dear Pete, we had a lovely time hanging with you on your last day in NYC, next time you’re here we’ll make sure you get to play golf on Chelsea Pier!

Sunday October 9th - Dear Zabars, I love wondering around each isle and experiencing the chaotic way that New Yorkers shop, but why did you have sawdust EVERYWHERE? Was it to stop people from slipping? If so, thanks! If not...

Tuesday October 11th - Dear Blue Bloods! I was very excited to walk out of my front door and see that you were filming where I live! Thank you for showing me the excitement of NYC.

Thursday October 13th - Dear lentils, why do you play me hot and cold? One day you are cooked to perfection and I think I'm a total culinary BOSS and other times you sit in the pan stubbornly and take hours to soften!

Friday October 14th - Dear 3, thank you for cancelling my UK phone contract, although, I feel the 5 attempts to get me to stay were unnecessary after I made it clear that I had moved to the US and didn't want or need a UK phone contract!

Sunday October 16th - Dear Will, it’s great to have you here, not least because you say amusing things! Highlight of today, ‘you could have at least three Harry Potters in this apartment’ when looking at our closets!

Wednesday October 19th - Dear coffee hipsters, I just thought you were being ponsy coffee hipsters when you said things like ‘don’t burn the coffee bean’ but now I realise you have been telling the truth all along. I apologise, you can burn the coffee bean!

Friday October 21st - Dear work permit, thank you so much for coming through today, although now I will complain about having to find a job and rather than not being allowed to find a job.

Saturday October 22nd - Dear Will & Marcelina, the apartment is very quiet and I fear we’re about to have a case of the holiday blues… even though we weren’t the ones on holiday.

Tuesday October 25th - Dear Ed, happy birthday!

Friday October 28th - Dear NYC, thank you so much for challenging me to find something to do with my spare time. I have really enjoyed getting back into photography and having to wait for my work permit gave me the perfect excuse.

Monday October 31st - Dear Halloween, I know we're not friends BUT I am super impressed with how much New Yorkers love you.

Much Love,