Dear New York - Vantage Points

Dear New York,

What a fantastic photo! I love all of the little boxes and squares and the higgledy piggledy buildings. It somehow makes New York look a bit European.

It sounds like you have indeed been incredibly busy - with work and life taking over a bit - however I am very happy that the job situation has been sorted, and you are back to taking your camera with you. It’s also great that you are getting out and about a bit more and not letting other things take over - living in big cities with all of the hustle and bustle makes it easy to get sucked into a horrible work/life balance, and get exhausted by the routine.

It’s definitely important to remember why we enjoy these cities in the first place, and take advantage of that!

So, to the photography!

It also took me a little longer than usual this time to get a good photo for this blog! I was wracking my brain trying to come up with a good shot for “Vantage Point” and thought I had a really good idea - but it relied on the elusive bright blue sky. Now that Winter is Coming, the sky tends to be mostly either cloudy, or just completely dark now, so the picture I have in mind will have to wait for another day.

While I was unlucky with the weather, I did get very lucky somewhere else. While trying to think of a way of successfully getting a “Vantage Point” photo, I realised that getting organised to get high up was going to take some planning. So when during my usual job I was asked to bring my camera to help with some shots, and we ended up on the 12th floor of a hotel overlooking Tower Bridge, I saw the view and couldn’t help but take some shots for myself!

I am pretty please with the result, and it captures 3 big London tourist spots in one photo!


For my theme this week I spotted a lovely contrast between the iconic London Underground sign, and the beige of the Tower of London and the grey sky behind as I left the station.

Again it is quite pleasing to get some of the traditional “London” photo hotspots in one picture, while also making it feel a bit more unique.

Splash of colour.jpg

So this week the theme is “Splash of Colour” (or “Color” for you Americans!).

Happy Snapping!