Dear MRS New York

Dear New York,

SO after a brief hiatus, we are back, stronger and raring to go. As you mentioned, it has certainly been a busy few weeks while we have been away! I have gone on a hike to follow the footsteps of Emperor Hadrian and his famous Wall, my girlfriend has moved away from London, and you are now Mrs New York!

So after all that excitement, I am back in what now feels like a slightly greyer city than before. I think it may take me a little while to find the swing of things again - as I described in an earlier post, I have been living as a creature of well defined habits and schedules for a while now, and without my partner in crime, my habits are going to have to change somewhat. I am going to have to get used to being in a big city, while still not alone, at least somewhat more solo than I have gotten used to.

To combat this, I immediately took advantage of another one of the perks of living in London (namely the close proximity of 4 international airports) and booked first a trip to Poland (which I hope to be visiting quite a lot in the coming months) and second a trip to - you guessed it - New York!

In October I will be coming to visit the city you have told me so much about, and experience it for myself first hand! Exciting!

Back in London, however, I have been loving the theme you have chosen. Your post was very much a welcome one, as this “extravagant norm” is something that I have been struggling with. Even though London is stunning, impossibly varied, and full of incredible landmarks - living for a long time in one place can jade you to its beauty.

Where a visitor is full of delight at seeing the landmarks of London, I can pass by 100 postcard picture moments every day without thinking twice. Taking my camera with me to those places can also make me feel a bit unoriginal, as taking a photo while 5 other people are standing next to you taking the exact same picture gets a bit disheartening.

This week was a nice challenge, as it forced me to look at those landmarks that are full of beauty, and make an effort to get the best possible picture. Something that, although cannot be original, I can at least be proud of.

I also managed to take my camera out while walking around with our friend (and now photography model) Pete. As my mood has been a bit grey, I wanted to choose a photo that was full of colour and life to offset this. This week’s chosen theme, therefore, is Colour.

Happy hunting!