Dear New York...

Dear New York (that’s right, that’s your name now),

So you finally made the move! I can’t imagine how mixed your emotions must be right now - possibly a lot of fear mixed with excitement. But probably just a whole lot of jetlag at this point.

Since I am still living in sunny (I know, right?!) England, I see it as my job to remind you of what you are missing here (since you and Ted abandoned me in the UK and I get petty when I’m jealous).

Will aka. London

My aim is to write you a letter - and hopefully get a response - every other week, with a challenge. We need to take a beautiful photo of the relative cities which we call home, to make the other person as jealous as possible. 

We will have a theme challenge, and take photos accordingly each week.

So! To begin!

This weekend me and my amazing girlfriend took advantage of the sunny anomaly that is currently the weather and went on a gorgeous walk along the canal. The trees were all in blossom, the ducks were out in force and clouds were far and few between. We also had The First Barbecue of the Summer (a momentous event that should be recorded every year). Nothing burned and the food was delicious. I made an apple and blackberry crumble, but forgot to put any apple in it (maybe I’ll put the recipe somewhere).

With all that rattling in my mind when hunting for inspiration -  I have found our first photo theme for the month - Fire and Water

There is nothing like a vague cliche to begin a themed photo project.

I’ll write again soon!