Dear London...

Dear London, 

So, we have been here for 10 days, and we're starting to settle into a routine: we've ridden on the subway; we've received post; Ted's got a bank account; I have a U.S. cell number (look at me taking on the local lingo); we've cooked (in a teeny, tiny kitchen that is scarily "large" by Manhattan standards); we're about to do our first load of washing (in the laundry in the basement of our building that looks like it could be the crime scene of a CSI episode).

All in all it looks like we're settling into living in New York well, but the culture shock is still there, hiding in odd places.

We went food shopping yesterday and I stared at eggs for about 5 minutes... which ones do I buy? Why are there so many options for egg consumerism? In the end I found myself blocking someone's way and grabbed the nearest carton... organic and cage free... They sound like the ones I normally buy, but WOAH they're a dollar more then the others. I noticed the local shopper looking at me wondering why I was so intense about eggs... to save face I put them in my basket and left.

And it wasn't just the eggs that proved to be a hurdle in my food shop agility course, it was everything. Each product presented a new dilemma... it was only when I felt fondly attached to the (overpriced) Heinz Baked Beans that I realised how ridiculous I was being...  Yup, it took me that long.

I'll treat you to more on 'settling in', 'moving' and 'New York way of life' stuff in future letters, and in the meantime here is my snap for Fire and Water.

New York, Bethesda Fountain.

Although you said the theme was a cliché, it proved surprisingly difficult to incorporate fire, so I too focused on the water aspect of this week's theme, using a little bit of sun flare as my "fire".

We were strolling through Central Park at about 6.30pm, walked through the arches under the terrace (where a super classy function was happening... just like Gossip Girl! Not sure if that reference is lost on you, but think high society, darling) and I couldn't resist taking a snap of the sun streaming through the trees. I love a good bit of sun flare!

Fire and Water, courtesy of Newcastle!

It's exciting to say, that we inspired an addition to Fire and Water from Newcastle this week, thanks to another friend we left behind, so cheers Ross!

Next week's theme... Bridges!

Well I know that both cities have some pretty exciting bridges so this week I'll be scouting out the best shots I can find in the Big Apple! 

Well, better be off - I've got washing to do in a basement worthy of a detective show.

Happy snapping,

New York.