November's Little Letters

November brought NYC the first couple of really cold days and there is nothing I like more than to wrap up tight, dig my hands deep into my pockets and pull my scarf up to my nose whilst embracing the beauty of NYC at this time of year. November has been a great lead up to December (possibly my favourite month), so here are my little letters I collected throughout the month.


Sunday 6th November - Dear Sleep, hasn't anybody ever told you that it's cruel to wake someone up at 5.30am?

Monday 7th November - Dear Dad, I hoped to inherit your intelligence, your reason and logic, however, these earth shattering sneezes were not something I banked on!

Tuesday 8th November - Dear America, it's Election Day! Rockefeller was amazing, all those American flags and such a buzz of excitement. I feel super lucky to be here for this!


Friday 11th November - Dear TVYT, your lovely messages brought a tear to my eye! You’re all absolutely wonderful and I miss your lovely faces.

Monday 14th November - Dear Jenna, Happy birthday! It’s super weird knowing that I’m so far away, but it was great to hang out with you in cyberland for a bit x.

Wednesday 16th November - Dear Viki and Fred, I can’t believe you came all the way to NYC! Super chuffed to see you both, welcome the wine times.

Thursday 17th November - Dear Cellist by the lake, thank you for making today so beautiful with your music. We sat and listened for ages!

Friday 18th November - Dear Smalls, you are our favorite jazz club, and we’re so glad that you were on top form for when Viki and Fred were here.

Sunday 20th November - Dear Viki and Fred, thank you so much for taking me and Ted to see the Knicks!  I can totally get on board with American sports - it was AWESOME.


Thursday 24th November - Dear World, Happy Thanksgiving! These two Brits are pretty happy with our first Thanksgiving experience.

Friday 25th November - Dear Cathy, thank you for welcoming us into your home and introducing us to the delights of your family and sweet potatoes with marshmallows! Who knew?!

Monday 28th November - Dear job hunt, hello. I will convince someone out there, with the carefully crafted words in my cover letter, to give me an interview so I can convince them to give me a job.

Tuesday 29th November - Dear job hunt, I asked and you answered! I've got my first interview in New York City on December 1st! So excited, and nervous doesn't even begin to cover the rest of the feelings bubbling around!

p.s. Elishia, you’re a plonker! I’m not happy with you for breaking my last FULL refill of my Chanel Coco Mademoiselle... that's a low blow!

Much love,

Elishia x