Hi there! I'm Elishia. I'm in my late twenties and, with my husband, I took a massive leap across the pond and moved from the UK to NYC. 

I like stories. I like to lose myself in a good book. I like to snuggle on the sofa, wrapped up, while I watch a film. I like watching T.V. shows whilst I cook. I listen to audio books when I run. I love the immediacy of live theater, by inability to stop the action.  I like to conjure people from thin air and put them into my own stories. I like to find the story in a picture. I like to tell a story with a photograph.

Very rarely, do people give credit to their own stories. What makes a good story? The ups and downs, the ins and outs, great love and difficult loss. If your life looks like this, you're living it right.



This is Will, aka London.

Will is also in his late twenties but has been left behind in London and will be joining me on this blogging adventure. AcrossThePond will be a weekly letter between London and New York.

With a shared interest in photograph, he sees it as his job to remind me of what I have left behind and has decreed that we need to take a beautiful photo of the relative cities which we call home, to make the other person as jealous as possible. 

Will is one of those people with so many interests so I am sure we'll be getting a recipe or two, book recommendations, photography tips, travel advice... the list goes on and on. I must say, I'm excited to be starting this blogging thing with someone else and Will seems to be the perfect fit!